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Arc Flash Analysis

Arc Flash Hazard is defined in the guideline as “a dangerous condition associated with the possible release of energy caused by an electric arc.”


Arc Flash Hazard Analysis is defined in the guideline as “a study investigating a worker’s potential exposure to arc flash energy, conducted for the purpose of injury prevention and the determination of safe work practices, arc flash protection boundary, and the appropriate levels of personal protective equipment."


In 2009, Electrical Safety Authority and CSA released the 24th Edition of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.  Rule 2-306 of the code has been amended from a statement referring to the use of protective equipment for live work to the need for posting of signage warning workers of arc flash hazard. 

Appendix B of this rule refers to the use of the CSA Z462-18, Guideline on Workplace Electrical Safety to determine those risks.

CFE’s trained and experienced Electrical Engineers use ETAP to model and analyze electrical systems to determine Arc Flash ratings and establish workplace equipment labels and guidelines.

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